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Time of intense creation in the studio, fleeting thoughts, doubts, obsessions. All makes me think and feel that I am. Over times. I sense the expiration, the change, the needed of regeneration. 

I decide together with the artist Toni Casassas to make this film. 


Over times  


KALI is the unavoidable ending. 

It is to be all that has been, to perceive it all, to thank it all, to leave it all. 

It is to immerse yourself in it, become a movement with it, 

say farewell and go somewhere else. 

Become another.





From the moment he made a radical choice of art, Albert Coma Bau’s life and work goes together. He understands existence as a sequence of stimulus, lately he has experienced them in the studio in Vic (Barcelona) after having had a residence in Berlin for two years. 

His work has been exhibited in locations as contrasting as Switzerland, Germany, France, Jordan and Algeria. Along his career, he has used diverse forms of artistic expression, like drawing, painting, photography, installation and performance. 

Coma’s creations question the human relationships and what surround them. The landscapes that lead us to discover ourself.

Space and time, presence and absence, life and death, movement as a pivot to generate life, are continuously expanding concepts for him in order to transgress the conventional stereotypes of society. 

His work is a platform to reach freedom.



Toni Casassas i Bover  was born in Vic, Barcelona. Since 1990 painting, photography and also architecture (University of Arquitecture and  Interior Designe of North of London) have been his main interests. He made  several exhibitions and this took him to Sweeden (Kontsfack School of Art d’Estocolm) to initiate himself into the world of scenography and, later in Barcelona, into video-art and experimental documentaries. He participated in several cinema Workshops with spanish director Bigas Luna.







2019 Body, space, time, language, Workshop-performance by Joan Morey, Fabra i Coats, Centre

d’Art Contemporany, Barcelona.

2017 Vipassana meditation, Dhamma Sacca, Candelera, Àvila.

2013 Towards a Phisical Theatre with Thomas Mettler, Camedo, Switzerland.

2012 Improvisation Dance & Performance with Jordi Cortes, Barcelona.

2007 Vipassana meditation, Dhammasalil center, Dehradun, India.

2007 Theater-Dance with Mercè Boronat, Ca l’Estruch, Sabadell.

2003 Body Laboratory with Jessica Walter, Barcelona.

2001 Seminar with Carles Santos and Maria Helena Roqué, Girona.

1999 Erasmus Scholarship, Leeds Metropolitan University, England.

1998 CAP (Teaching Proficiency Course), University of Barcelona.

1998 Bachelor in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

1984 Drawing school, Vic.

Individual Exhibitions

2016 Paradazero, Ignot, Taller dins el taller, VICCC, action, installation and poetry, Vic

2015 Foresight Art Gallery, Life as a piece of art, Drawings and paintings, Amman, Jordan.

2015 Casino de Vic, Deixar de ser-hi (The cease of being), Drawings, Vic, Barcelona.

2012 Foresight Art Gallery, One’s Freedom, Drawing and paintings, Amman, Jordan.

2010 Factor(s) Contemporany Art, SOS, Photography and performance, Torelló.

2009 Galeria Artevistas, Àngels caiguts/ Encontres efímers (Fallen angels/ Ephemeral encounters),

Photography, drawing and performance, Barcelona.

2009 Galeria El Carme, Cos habitat (Inhabited body), Photography, Vic.

2007 Galeria Desig, Sensualitat efímera (Ephemeral Sensuality), Drawings and paintings, Barcelona.

2006 Thambos, Cada moment de recerca és un moment d’encontre (Every searching moment is an

encounter moment), Installation, Vic.

2006 Temps de Flors, Dibuixant amb la mirada al cel (Drawing with an eye toward the sky),

Installation, Girona.

2006 Galeria Crea 21, Dibuixos (Drawings), Barcelona.

2005 Art Factory, Entre l’Albert i jo (Between Albert and I), Action, Barcelona.

2004 Galeria Metiers d’Art Sant Roch, Traç d’un sentiment (Stroke of a feeling), Drawings,

Céret, France.

Collective Exhibitions

2019 Ex Abrupto, De Facto, Video art, Moià, Barcelona

2017 Galeria Arteria, Al-tiba9/ 5ª Edició, Paintings, Barcelona.

2016 Galeria El Carme, Fotomagia- Dead sea, Photography, Vic, Barcelona.

2016 Galerie C, Papier Bitte- Power of many, Drawings, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

2015 Al-tiba9, Secret, Drawings and paintings, Algiers, Algeria.

2015 Galeria Artevistas, TBT Throwback Thursday, Paintings, Barcelona.

2014 Al-tiba9, Encounters, Drawings, Algiers, Algeria.

2014 Galeria El Carme, Fotomagia- Face to face, Photography, Vic, Barcelona.

2014 Werkstatt Galerie, Topología, Drawings, Berlin, Germany.

2013 Foresight Art Gallery, Colors from the world, Drawing and paintings, Amman, Jordan.

2012 Galerie C, Menscape – Suite Egger – Drawings, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

2010 Fundació Caixa Laietana, Quatre (Four) Drawings, Madrid.

2010 CBA –Circulo de Bellas Artes, Solidarios para el desarrollo, Drawings, Madrid.

2009 Casa Bardin -Culture Institut Juan Gil-Albert, Encontres efímers (Ephemeral encounters),

Drawings, Alacant.

2009 Galeria Artevistas, Art pride II, Paintings, Barcelona.

2008 Espai d’Art i Arquitectura, Follia d’autor (Author’s madness), Photography and drawings,


2008 Galeria Bassas, Dibuixos (Drawings), Barcelona.

2008 Galeria Artevistas, Art pride I, Drawings and paintings, Barcelona.

2007 Galeria Crea 21, Pintures (Paintings), Barcelona.

2005 Centre Civic Can Felipa, Les linies del vincle (The Lines of the Bond), Drawing mural,


2004 Centre Cultural Llançà, Jo ara i aquí (I Now and Here), Instalation, Girona.

2002 Centre Civic Can Felipa, Noves Natures (New Natures), Instalation, Barcelona.

1999 Galeria Espai Blanc, Ànimes (Souls), Photography, Barcelona.


2013 Claudefaula, Painting, Girona, Catalonia.

2010 Amb la Mirada al cel (Up to the sky), Painting, Amman, Jordània.

2009 Encontres efímers (Ehemeral encounters), Drawing, Barcelona.

2004 Teixit humà (Human Tissue), Drawing, Barcelona.

2001 Entre tu i jo (Between You and Me), Drawing, Barcelona.

2000 Les tres edats (The Three Ages), Painting, Barcelona.

1998 Principi sense fi (Beginning Without End), Painting, Barcelona.

Colecctions, nominations and prizes

2017 Ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation of Spain, Art heritage Collection, Madrid

2015 Spanish Embassy of Alger, Espacio Cultural España, Algeria

2015 Royal family of Jordan Collection, Jordan.

2015 Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Spanish art in Jordan, Amman Jordan.

2011 XLVIX Drawing Prize Fundació Ynglada-Guillot, Desconcert d’un sentiment, (Confusion

feeling ), Barcelona.

2010 XLVIII Drawing Prize Fundació Ynglada-Guillot, Encontres efímers (Ephemeral

encounters), Barcelona.

2009 Spanish Cultural Center Miami, Kakok Foundation Auction, Florida.

2008 Photography Prize Fundació Vila Casas 08 ,Cos habitat (Inhabited Body), Girona.

2006 5th Bienal, H Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies (Contemporary Art

association), Encontres efímers (Ephemeral Encounters). Vic.

2001 X Jornadas de estudio de la imagen (Workshop for the Study of the Image),

Canal Abierto, Esclau (Slave), Madrid.

1996 10th Concurs Sanvicens, Centre Cultural Joan Maragall , Amants (Lovers), Sitges.

1996 First Prize in the International Sculptors Meeting in Calaf). Projecte Ran (Project Ran).






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